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ESCAPE 2022 coming soon!

Thursday 8th – Thursday 15th Sept 2022

What is ESCAPE?

Join us on the holiday of a lifetime on the sunny island of Fuerteventura at Playitas Resort Sport Hotel. ESCAPE is a dance-focused holiday produced by Impact Dance who have been running dance holidays since 2005. It caters for all abilities and also welcomes non-dancers who want to be in the presence of positive people. The experience enables you to have everything at your fingertips: Exercise, partying, fun and relaxation all on one resort.


ESCAPE is the only holiday of its kind to focus on dance styles from the African diaspora – African, Hip Hop & Dancehall. Classes are led by elite professional dance tutors who are accompanied by live drums & high profile DJ’s.


It is designed to be a unique, invigorating and holistic mind body and soul experience to suit anyones needs. We want to ensure you feel great during your time with us (and beyond) by surrounding yourself with positivity and opportunities to increase your mental and physical wellness.

The Holiday


ESCAPE takes place at Playitas Resort Sport Hotel which is located in Las Playitas, on the south east side of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain.

The resort is perfectly located for all including sports lovers as they offer many facilities but it can also cater for Fuerteventura’s dreamy landscapes:

A bike ride along the lonely roads of the volcano island, a trail run with an overwhelming view over the ocean or swim in the water are just a few of the fun activities that you can do outside of the resort.

Playitas provides a safe space for you to experience our programme of dance classes, night-time entertainment, a range of restaurants, beach, spa and sports facilities without having to venture off the resort.


For the ESCAPE holiday we have access to 3 types of accommodation, all with the option of either Garden View (GV) or Sea View (SV).


Studios are one open plan room incorporating a kitchenette and a separate bathroom. They are designed on two levels, and have capacity for one to three guests. In-room facilities include: Air conditioning, telephone, free Internet access, satellite TV, safe, fully-equipped kitchen, microwave, bathroom with shower and bath, hairdryer and terrace or balcony.


Apartments are two separate rooms plus bathroom and separate kitchen area. Minimum occupancy for this accommodation is two guests and the maximum is five. In-room facilities include: Air conditioning, telephone, free Internet access, satellite TV, safe, equipped kitchen, microwave, electric kettle, bathroom with shower and bath, hairdryer and terrace or balcony.

Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms have a maximum occupancy of two persons. In-room facilities include: Air conditioning, telephone, free Internet access, flat screen satellite TV, safe, minibar (on request), bathroom with shower and bath, hairdryer and terrace or balcony.

*Please note: Sea View accommodation can be a full or partial sea view. If you specifically want a full view please indicate this in the notes section, and we will try our best to accommodate this but cannot make any guarantees as it is down to the availability of such rooms at the hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Holiday Related

Don’t you think I am too old for ESCAPE?

Absolutely not, ESCAPE is for every and anyone open minded and willing to be part of a beautiful community. 

ESCAPE has had in the past years attendees (age 10 – age 75) and we welcome anyone even older.

How do I get from the airport to the resort?

We arrange bus transfers for all arrivals on 8th September and departures on 15th September. 

Any arrivals or departures outside of these dates will have to be organised by the customer.

Do I have to dress up for themed parties?

It is not a requirement, but 95% of people do and it is a great laugh!
There are two parties, so you can go all out for one and be more understated for the second. 

Resort Related

What is the difference between the HOTEL and the APARTHOTEL accommodation?

The hotel accommodation is in the form of suites and are ideal for single guests. Breakfast is included.
The aparthotel accommodation can be either a studio or apartments and are ideal for larger groups. They are set up for self-catering if you want to go down this route.

How much do I have to pay to use the resort facilities?

Gym facilities can be used free of charge.
Spa, restaurant facilities can be used at extra cost.

Class Related

Do I need to be a professional dancer?

Not at all! ESCAPE is an opportunity to try various styles and levels of dance in a safe environment. Our teachers are adaptable, empowering and welcoming and encourage people at all levels to try their classes.

I don’t dance at all…can I still be a part of the family?

Of course, hey, cousin!
You do not have to dance if you do not want to, there are swimming pools, gym, restaurants and the beach to busy yourself with. You can come to ESCAPE and purely relax if that’s what you want to do. In the evenings we have Themed Party nights with DJ’s from the UK. We also have games and show nights for your entertainment as well.

Do I have to do all of the classes?

No, you create your own ESCAPE experience. You can do as many or as little classes as you wish. Even doing NO classes is fine.

Dance is an integral part of the holiday yes, but if you would rather just relax on the beach and have the classes going on behind you that is just fine. 

The timetable includes a range of classes in different dance styles and different levels. We want you to decide how much you do. We ease everyone in slowly with a Welcome Jam, open to all, but again not compulsory, this is your opportunity to meet all the teachers and get a flavour for how they move and their personalities. 

From there, we go straight into the timetable. You may start the holiday saying you are only going to do one or two classes but once you get into the swing of it and feel the vibe from your new family – you may just change your mind!

Payment Terms

Can I pay for a share of the holiday?

No, you have to nominate a party leader to pay ESCAPE on behalf of all party members.
Finances can then be settled amongst yourselves.

Cancellation Policy

What if life gets in the way and I need to cancel?

These things happen, sometimes things pop up and there is nothing we can do it about it and that is okay. But we’ll be sad to see you go.

Our cancellation policy is that all deposits are non-refundable or transferable once paid. Now, depending on how you have chosen to pay for ESCAPE please see our terms and conditions.

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